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Latest News > How to Decorate a Table for Easter

Easter Table

Easter is a great time to get together with family for a celebration!

One of the things that sets the tone for a good Easter meal is the table decorations. You don’t need much to get it right. Here are inspired yet simple ideas which will get you in the mood for Easter.

Setting the table for Easter is particularly simple because the season doesn’t require you to go all out on decorations. 

Go with the right linens

There are those who feel that the table is not dressed for such an occasion until it has a table cloth on it! If you are one of them, then go ahead and have fun with the colours, as long as you keep them light.

Pastel colours are great for Easter – You can go with sky blue, pink, purple, soft green or yellow, which are the typical colours for this occasion.

Make sure the colours are not overwhelming. The best way to avoid this involves minimising patterns. Have a plain table cloth if you are going for patterned napkins or placemats, always making sure the two have some colour coordination.

The napkins can be placed on the centre of the dinner plate and can be folded to make shapes. 


The thing about silverware is that it can clutter the table if not arranged properly.

To begin with, keep the number of forks and spoons at a minimum – A salad fork, dinner fork and a knife should suffice.

To the left of the plate, place the dinner fork and the salad fork next to it such that it is the outermost utensil on the left. The proper manner of using them is working your way in from outside .

The knife goes to the right of the plate with the sharp edge turned towards the plate. Place the soup spoons to the right of the knife and you are done with flatware.

As you place the silverware, check to make sure that there are no water spots and use a soft T-towel to make your silverware shine! Also, keep 1 inch between the base of the handles and the edge of the table.

Plates and glasses

The dinner plate should be at the centre of the placemat with a charger underneath.

If the meal starts with a soup, place the soup ball in the plate and napkin in the bowl. You could also place the napkins under the forks; it all depends on what you feel goes well with your type of setting. Put the bread plates at the corner of the placemat to the left.

You don’t want the table to be over-crowded with so many utensils that it no longer looks good, so consider serving up in the kitchen if you have a smaller table. 

Since Easter comes at the beginning of spring, you can serve salad in the soup bowls if you prefer.

If you are going to have dessert, the plates for that can be put on the table as you serve it. Finally, have two glasses for each guest for water and another beverage, such as wine.

Table decorations

You have not set the table for Easter until you bring in some spring flowers.

Be mindful of the size of the table as you place the flowers and remember, no crowding.

Roses, hyacinths and peonies can be used together to great effect. Think outside of the box and use your own creative ideas – Simple ideas work best for this occasion.

Bring out that special table

The easter feast is a significant meal and what a better time to showcase a unique table! 

The reclaimed wood of one of our tables goes well with the beautiful decorations.

Such tables are hard to come by. Aside from the fact that the table is handmade, there is always something unique in the grain and colour of the wood.

The beauty of reclaimed wood lies in the inimitable variations that each acquires from weathering, cracks, nail holes, naturally occurring knots and such.

Now you have a full guide on how to go about getting ready for that Easter feast. Go ahead and try some ideas on new decorations and colour co-ordinations. And take a look at our range of real reclaimed wood dining tables

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