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Latest News > Natures Best – Interior Trends for 2017


According to interior design trend analysts, this year and next will see a move towards more individual and cosy rooms that show a warm atmosphere.

Think Natural

Think natural, quality hand-made furniture such as classic, timeless dining tables and chairs that are sustainably made and environmentally friendly. Blend these with leather sofas, solid wood coffee tables and wool rugs, freshened up with a modern twist.

Exquisite handcrafted dining tables and chairs are being adorned with stone sculptures and flowering succulents, kitchen windowsills with herb planters and corners with tall, long-leafed plants and hanging pots. This reveals our longing to sustain our environment and enjoy it more with reclaimed furniture, worn or aged furnishings and natural fibres.

Think Balance

Our move towards all things natural has partly been influenced by our work home life balance shift, with the virtual office having brought our work homeward. There’s now understandably, a strong desire to bring nature into our space to create a better balance.

As we often find our inspiration and motivation outdoors, we have a strong urge to surround ourselves with creative stimuli. It stands to reason that people are asking interior designers to send tentacles outwards to collect nature’s treasures to adorn their homes.

Themes are down to earth, Mother Nature with Nordic influences – open space, and abundance of natural light and simple, well-designed furniture and furnishings.

Think Colour

Warm colours and natural textures such as wool, fur, cork, wood, animal hides and clay bring in the warmth that adds balance to the sterility and coolness of raw industrial steel, concrete, glass and copper. Even these surfaces are being given a worn and aged appearance with designers being influenced by algae, fungi and lichens. Popular neutral colours to look out for are greys, browns, beige, copper, white and off-white.

Exquisite hand-crafted wooden furniture, neutral colours and natural fibres with strategic smaller pops of colour is where it’s at if you’re an artiste looking for stronger contrast.

Think Light

Light also denotes a theme of reflection. Anything glass – stained, faceted, iridescent, transparent and cool that reflects a soft, modern, fresh feel complimented by handmade woollen items. Picture crocheted or knitted floor poufs and pillows alongside beautifully crafted solid wood furniture. This is a more contemporary feel. Dining rooms, kitchens and lounges, bedrooms and studies are more relaxed with natural solid wood craftsmanship and soft metalised or glazed keynotes. Copper and amber continues with yellows, blues, lavender, rose, greens yellow-greens, turquoise along with pastels, peaches, pinks, lilac, acid yellow and mint.

Think Art

Art is a great source of inspiration, as are garden blooms like hydrangeas, tulips, roses, lavender and the bold orange and blue strelitzia (bird of paradise). Add reflective glass or crystal vases with bunches of solid colour or single stems and take inspiration from pop art or optical illusions for cushion covers, wall papers or framed prints; originals if you can get your hands on them!

Analysts suggest artful geometry and paint effects such as water colours and colour gradients that are light and airy. Blend beautiful reclaimed solid timber furniture with metal wire furnishings, ceramics, and glass offset by textured materials such as a felt and solid wool.

Think Accessories

For those with a gypsy spirit, who like to surround themselves with trinkets from their travels and memories of more whimsical times, immerse yourself in the more bohemian themes. True craftsmanship with traditionally made furniture, hand-knotted carpets, hand-woven rugs, table cloths and linens, as well as basket weaves will be important features of this theme. Look at one-of-a-kind, unique pieces with authentic artisanal feel.

Classic, timeless investment furniture is best as it doesn’t date and its value matures with time. Add to the mix items with influences from the likes of Morocco, Turkey, the Middle East, China, Japan, India and South America. Scottish tweeds, woollens and checks are popular too as are African design influences. Indigo will be the main accent colour to look out for mingled with terracotta, orange, amber, mustard, aubergine, deep reds, browns and other neutrals.

Not to be outdone, are the aquatic and botanical influences of nature with inspiration taken from lagoons, lakes, oceans and rock pools. We go back to our childhood with shell and driftwood collecting. These can be displayed on classic raw wood tables and shelves or in glass jars of different shapes and sizes.

Add a canvas backdrop of a seascape with brooding clouds and sparkling waters or cover an entire wall with a large-scale wallpaper print. Good colours in this theme are greens – turquoise, lime, jade, khaki, citrus, and olive, as well as pink, yellow, orange, red, green and cobalt.

Finally, for those with a taste for opulence, picture a log fire, a bottle of your favourite red and crystal glasses atop an exquisitely hand-crafted coffee table. Imagine a room warmed by velvets, satins, silks and wools in colours of magenta, purple and deep red, peacock, navy, black, grey, copper and gold. Our rich cultural and regal heritage strongly influences this theme as do the old paint masters.

This is a year to celebrate our heritage and pay tribute to our environment; to support environmentally friendly, sustainable products and processes; and tap into our innate creativity.

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