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Latest News > What Our Dining Tables & Your Family Have in Common


How does our furniture have something in common with your family? Read on to find out… 

Original and Unique in Character

All of our pieces are made from pieces of reclaimed wood which are original and unique in character. Your family is also original and unique in character.

Each member of your family has their own personality. When your family gathers at the table for a meal, you feel the uniqueness that each member possesses which makes you love them even more.

Family and Furniture Each Have a History

All families have a history – It begins with a husband and wife who have children. A family is born and it continues to grow through the generations.

The reclaimed wood we use to make our dining tables, chairs, and benches also has a history. This wood has lasted generations. We take the wood and turn it into beautiful pieces of furniture that your family can gather around throughout your time together.

Strength and Stability

The strength and stability of a family can be one of the things that helps us to get through the tough times in life.

When your child is at the dining table studying hard for a test it is comforting for them to know the strength of your family’s love and that whatever happens on the test, that they are still loved. When an older family member is having health issues, the strength and support of your other family members help carry you through.

Our dining tables are a symbol of strength and stability. The reclaimed wood we use has endured harsh weather as well as enjoying light spring breezes. A dining table provides sturdy support during uncertain times. 

Beauty and Charm

The beauty and charm of a family is what makes life so special. Seeing the inner beauty of your kids as you raise them to be kind and responsible people can make your heart sing.

The charming ways a husband and wife can reminisce about the days when they first met or moving into their first home and how they ate dinner on cardboard boxes that first night because they were too tired to unpack.

Our dining tables, chairs, and benches also have beauty and charm because each piece has its own personality. The marks that can be seen in the wood have developed over time and are a beautiful and charming part of the story of the wood itself.

Consider adding a special dining set made of reclaimed wood to your home this year before the holidays. Each time you look at it you will be reminded of how special your family really is! 

View our beautiful dining sets at http://www.diningtableandbenches.co.uk. We offer many styles and combinations to fit your original and beautiful family home.

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