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There are so many options to consider when furnishing your home.

Along with style, size, and price there is the material from which the furniture is made. If you are looking for durable and beautiful furniture, natural wood is one of the best choices.

The Natural Beauty of Wooden Furniture

The beauty of natural wood is timeless. Each type of wood offers a different looks and naturally provides you with original pieces since no piece of wood is exactly the same. From Oak, Pine, Cherry, Walnut, Maple – The beauty that these woods offer gives furniture its own character for years.

Wooden Furniture is Durable

Wood can last for centuries. High quality craftsmanship gives wood the best chance of lasting for many years. It is no wonder that wooden furniture is passed from generation to generation. Not only does wooden furniture become better with age, but it gains sentimental value with each family it belongs to.

The Comfort of Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture can actually provide therapeutic benefits for humans. Wood that is high quality is solid and provides support to the human body. People know when they are sitting in a solid wooden chair. Their body feels supported, even comfortable. Cushions can be added, however the foundation of a solid wooden furniture is different than metal or plastic.

Wooden Furniture is Affordable

The cost of high quality wooden furniture can be slightly higher, however it’s important to think about how that initial cost will pay off over the years, even decades. A solid dining table and chairs can be passed through 3 generations of families and still feel as strong and secure as the day it was purchased. Most other types of furniture will need to be replaced at least once during a lifetime.

More importantly, the family connection will make a piece of wooden furniture priceless when thinking about the memories that will be made at that table.

The Variety that Wooden Furniture OffersIMG_0965

With the wide range of wood types available, this is where creativity, craftsmanship, and personal preference come into play.

Wooden furniture can be crafted into so many styles. From rustic to casual to elegant, the possibilities are endless. While the natural beauty of a wood’s grain can provide one-of-a-kind looks, natural wood can also be painted to fit into any colour scheme.

When considering new furnishing or upgrading from old furniture, look at the options for natural wood furniture.

At Nina’s Country Kitchen we are a UK-based family run business that makes environmentally friendly furniture, sourcing sustainable reclaimed wood materials locally. All of our pieces are “one-off’s” and cannot be found on the high street. Our products are hand-crafted and manufactured using traditional mortise and tenon joints where required, giving supreme strength that will last for decades.

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