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Latest News > Dressing Your Dining Table for Special Occasions


My Mother put in so much effort into dressing the dining table and creating the perfect atmosphere for our celebrations. Now that I am older I appreciate what she did even more.

Her attention to detail in preparations allowed me, like a camera, to capture flawless precious memories of joy and harmony around our dining table.

Here are a few tips to help you dress your own dining table for celebrations. 

The Right Dining Table

Before we get too far into the details, it is critical that you have the right dining table for your home to begin with.

Your dining table should grow old with you so make sure you take your time to pick the right one. The size of the Dining table should be able to accommodate as many as guests as possible but still leave enough room between the walls and other furniture for people to comfortably walk around it.

Make sure the space between your table and chairs is adequate so that when seated the guests do not feel cramped or uncomfortable. 

Dressing Your Dining Table

1. The Table Cloth

The table cloth is really the main statement and the foundation of the look you are creating.

You can either go for plain white if you are planning decadent table decorations, use a table cloth with an unexpected dashes of colour / patterns or one solid colour to make a statement.

Make sure the table cloth is clean, neat and well pressed.

2. The Silverware and Dishes for Your Dining Table

This is the time to bring out that special set that you have locked away ‘for special occasions’ and if you don’t have a special dish set it is time to invest in one. Make the people you see almost every other day in the year feel important when you break out the special occasion dining set.

3. Glassware Makes the Dining Table Sparkle

A selection of quality glassware should be available to cater to the different types of beverages. Not everyone might use them but it’s important to provide the options of a water glass, a wine glass and a champagne glass. 

Plus make sure they are smear free and sparkly to make your dining table look fabulous! 

4. Table Cloths and Extras

Try some colourful pressed and folded cloth napkins which should be easily accessible for the guests and also should add to the overall décor and feel of the table.

Make extras like Shakers and toothpicks are available and feel free to dress up the dining table with table decorations as you see fit. Use colours, plants, even fur cones!

Most importantly of all, have fun creating your beautiful dining table for special occasions

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